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Noah Kurlansky
Filmmaker, Storyteller, Artist

On this website, you will be able to book our services, view some of the company's films, learn more about our origin, and other creative endeavors we have set foot on.

We will present you with a short film guaranteed to keep your audience glued to their seats with breathtaking scenes and high-quality editing.

Our montages are the perfect way to encapsulate lifelong memories, whether it's for a family event or best friends birthday.

Professionally made and curated to your liking, we are sure to create a stunning, one of a kind promotional video for your business.

Have your guest's jaws drop when they get this one-of-a-kind, professionally edited and exciting virtual invitation delivered to their inbox.

Melissa Naierman, FL

"Noah is an absolute pleasure to work with. His customer service and professionalism is truly amazing!"

Stacey Waldman, FL

"You’re so so so talented! You captured HIM and his personality! I’m obsessed!"

Nira Nafisi, NY

“Most Incredible Montage Ever! I love it! Outstanding Job!”
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